The Portal

A Modern Shamanic Journey

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“Lovers of rock, electronic music, and visionary art will have their world opened up wide by this production.”

AXS Entertainment

“Fans of electronic giants like EOTO, The Disco Biscuits, and Beats Antique will appreciate the deep and transformational grooves during songs like Trance, Synth, and Space Weaver.”

NYS Music

“In the desert, sweating and praying for the divine, we find unmistakable shamanistic glory in The Portal.”

Theater Pizzazz

“A bold and unique undertaking, The Portal offers a musical and theatrical experience of unprecedented vision and creativity.”

Stage Review

“Reshaping the art of performance theater.”

Huffington Post

“The Portal Soundtrack is vibey and transcendent with sweeping guitars and powerful theatrical electronic orchestrations.”

Grateful Web