The Portal


“Lovers of rock, electronic music, and visionary art will have their world opened up wide by this production.”

AXS Entertainment

“Fans of electronic giants like EOTO, The Disco Biscuits, and Beats Antique will appreciate the deep and transformational grooves during songs like Trance, Synth, and Space Weaver.”

NYS Music

“In the desert, sweating and praying for the divine, we find unmistakable shamanistic glory in The Portal.”

Theater Pizzazz

“A bold and unique undertaking, The Portal offers a musical and theatrical experience of unprecedented vision and creativity.”

Stage Review

“Reshaping the art of performance theater.”

Huffington Post

“The Portal Soundtrack is vibey and transcendent with sweeping guitars and powerful theatrical electronic orchestrations.”

Grateful Web

Words from our fans!

“Excellent – taking ancient teachings and mythologies and showing, in a brilliant way, how it all relates to modern times! Bravo!!”

“There is a lot of beauty in this rock opera.”

“F*#$ yeah!”

“Spiritually affirming for the awakened soul.”

“Heartfelt performance connecting music and mersmerizing dance.”

“The heroes journey through the eyes of modern life.”

“Truly powerful, skillful, and vastly unique!”

“I felt as though the characters were me and as if the message was for me.”

“The journey of a thousand miles now begins with a portal.”

“A brilliantly inspiring work of art and soul.”

“All I can say is, mandlebrot set! Choreography! Awesome cinematography & visuals! Great music!!!!!! Awesome story!!! Wooowwweeee. Yes!!!!!! Thank you all!!!!!!! Love!”

“A really great theatrical event!”

“What a creative powerful psycho-emotional journey! The music, psychedelic visuals displayed through music, dance, film and power tripping pulsing lights and art, created a master peace! This is an incredible night out for the extraordinary in a multimedia musical format! This is a must for the consciousness minded, as well as, the art fanatic! Please don’t miss this show this weekend!!! The Portal is a way to access something powerful and take away a very meaningful delved deep expanded experience for everyone who witnesses this kind of expression! Must see!”

“Enjoyed my portal experience. I left feeling as though I had taken an epic journey into the uncharted territory of the modern day human psyche, with both its struggles and triumphs in the face of the sometimes soul numbing dimensions of modern day life.”

“It hits your eyes, ears, body, brain and feels. Go. This is something totally unique and will pull you right out of your comfort zone and into something you have never imagined.”

“Absolutely amazing! My heart was blown open…still feeling tender.”

“Was totally worth all the hoops I had to jump to get here. Wish I could see it again. Come to Northern California! I love, love, loved the show and will come back to see it in San Fran for sure and bring all my friends with me.”

“Wow! I saw the show and I would like to say that I think it is the next step in the arts. A combination of film and live performance: dancing, music, visual mind candy all wrapped around the existential question… really, this is a must see, especially for people that like to be turned on!!!”

“The Portal transported me to into a place that was equal parts exciting and difficult. It was a great story of the journey many of us chose to go through of breaking free from the chains we create for ourselves. Through the use of trance like live rock music, dance, film, art, nature and love I was able to see the path to breaking through to the other side. The genius, passion and creativity were everywhere. If you are looking for a great night out this is it! Thanks to all the people who put their courage and heart into making art like this possible, especially Luke Comer.”

“This is an amazing show. I was captivated throughout the story. Moving message, transportational music, theatrical production – perfection in so many ways. Thank you for the creative thought-provoking production!”

“You guys ALL have to GO SEE This SHOW!!!! AWESOME!! I saw it last night!! I can’t tell you how GOOD it is!! Really!! The MUSIC, the VISUALS, THE BAND!! THE THEME!!!!! Request them to Your City, Your Group, Your Venues, NOW!!! You Can’t miss this!!”

“I am profoundly grateful that I followed my intuition and drove up from colorado springs to see the show this weekend. The Portal is more than entertainment, it is a spiritually affirming work of art, crafted from depths of the collective human soul. I hope to experience the portal again soon. Thank you for sharing an amazing work of art! Loved the show, could totally relate!”

“This… Is amazing!”

“A wild, collaborative, psychadelic musical film.”

“It is one of the most powerful and moving experiences I have ever had!! Seriously!”

“Wow! In this day and age, where the individual song download rules, my thanks to The Portal for bringing a first-rate concept album to the music loving masses! If you haven’t carved out an hour to dim the lights, turn off the phone, and sink into this thing, you’re missing out. What a ride!”

“Both [my husband] and I totally have the main song stuck in our heads! We were dancing and singing it on our hike tonight! Thank you, Luke Comer, for sharing your creativity! Thanks to all the other creatives on and off stage who brought his vision to life! Oh and the fractals were totally hypnotic.”

“I saw this show last night. It’s amazing! A must see and hear.”

“This project, without doubt, was driven by so much love and spiritual guidance. So many beauty full facets…. Raw talent; refined talent, a synergistic melding of message, music, movement, and manipulation of the mind – towards an expansive, as well as deep, outlook toward the soul of the world.”

“Luke comer has been creating fiercely for several years on his rock opera, the portal, and it is something to see.”

“It is an extraordinary accomplishment of coordinating live and recorded music, video, and live performance with geometric symbology. It went so seamlessly that I almost overlooked the massive creative genius and vision behind it that made it happen.”

“Thank you very much for sharing The Portal with us! I found the whole performance very powerful! I think myself as well as many others can very much relate to the message that is presented. I thoroughly enjoyed The Portal and would luv to see it again!”

“Congrats on the show! I really enjoyed it and my friends had a lot to say about it in the way home! Really interested in the alchemical references and the depiction of death as being pushed into the unconscious and then coming forward again into consciousness.”

“I was really moved at the way you represented the child self! And that moment when the front man and the hero were singing together really worked! I liked the moments when everything was well integrated like that. The lights piercing through the singer also stuck with me. Plus, the cinematography is beautiful!”

“Overall I thought it was a strong show and the musicians were spot on! And that gate-like fractal image really stays with me! So evocative!”

“Amazing show. Bravo!”

“Yes, it’s a great show!!! Glad I got to see it.”

“From the moment I walked in, it was magical as you enter an amazing art exhibit of mind bending work from different artists. Loved the cash bar and the booth that sold cards and other artist prints as well. The show was mesmerizing in it’s many layers and the messages were thought provoking. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us and may you have full houses for the remaining weekends.”

“There were so many layers displaying an impressive level of creativity. It was both intense and full of the hard emotions we must experience as humans, and at the same time, interlaced with just the right amount of humor. I especially enjoyed the scene with the tv head following the man through the desert.”

“Wow. Wow . Wow. What an amazing experience. A thousand thank you’s ..will spread the word like a wild virus. Blesssssssssssss!”

“Taken on a deep and terrifying journey! Wow!”

“Fractal ballerina action! Stunning performance that was both visually appealing & thought provoking. Bravo!”

“When you describe an event as “part concert, part movie, and part performance inspired by burning man, pink floyd, edm and world mythology,” you have our attention. That’s the exotic description for the portal rock opera at the glitter dome, which sounds like a trippy yet transcendental introduction to the halloween season. Choreographed by Aurora’s own guru of dance, Kim Robards, The Portal promises to harken back to a more tie-dyed era with a show that’s not for the closed-minded.”

“Went to The Portal rock opera last night and had a blast! Recommend for any who exist outside the mainstream.”

“A lovely ladies night out…cheese, wine, and a journey through the Portal! Thanks for an amazing evening!”

“Tis awesomeness on a stage!”

“Just made me realize that there must be millions of people who have yet to spend a single night in the desert….let alone think about the journey they are on.”

“Wholly moly! Fantastic!!!”

“Man, it was cool. Everybody crushed their parts, too! I want djembe lessons from that mofo. And guitar lessons from the other guy, and dance lessons from…..etc etc saw the sneak preview of this last night and was blown away by the visuals, the players/dancers/musicians and especially Daniel Katsük who is in his natural element on this stage. Not sure how to describe it but i’ll try: it’s a movie, wrapped in a musical, wrapped in an enigma, and yes, there were some boobies too.”

“That was such a strange and interesting experience. Thank you for broadening my horizons.”

“Whoopee! I knew The Portal was not just for show! You guys are making waves in the space/time continuum. Intergalactic!”

“Awesome performances all around!!”

“Omgoddess!!! It’s an amazing production with beautyfull art in many forms. Thanx for the vision! Luke Comer, the energy of transformation, the voices (Katsük), the musicians! Gilly Gonzalez, the dancers! Ziggy Artley, the Glitter Dome! Plus fabulous art installation by Annie Phillips. It’s a revolutionary experience of epic proportions. Friends don’tchu dare miss it!”

“Loved the synchronicity of the music, culture, mythology and entertainment.”

“Immersion of all the senses; of visual and sound. I felt involved in it, like in someone’s dream.”

“All I can say is, mandlebrot set!”

“Powerful message of the timelessness of spirit.”

“Loved the invitation at the beginning.”

“Amazingly beautiful and soul quenching music ♪ thank you, thank you, thank you, love.”

“You guys are amazing…the best music a facebook ad has ever led me to.”

“Very true – he who looks inside does awaken, at least I awaken when I look inside. Cool music guys, really very original and meaningful. Your music kicks ass!”

Fantastic work guys! I love this stuff – can’t wait for the album!”

“I think Jim Morrison would definitely be amidst the crowd if he were alive…he still just might be regardless.”

“Love every atom!”

“I didn’t expect to have my mind blown! There’s now a new addition in my library and on my iPod.”

“Amazing ride through time and space! A journey for those desiring to awaken the senses. You can see, smell, taste, feel as if touched by an invisible hand, and hear with the eternal ear, the vibrations that move to the core, our longing for what is real and natural. Rock. Tribal. World. Shamanic fusion of sound and lyric to stimulate a sexy and spiritual wonderment. Not for those wanting to numb out, but wake up! Best album I’ve heard… Ever! So creatively interwoven, seamless, non stop, like life, one event (song) just naturally leads to the next, building, and feeding the whole! The Portal! That IS what this album is, a Portal.”

“Incredible! Thank you for gifting this to all of us.”

“Visually pleasing, music to my ears and words to my soul! Love Love Love this!!!!!”

“It looks and sounds excellent — taking ancient teachings any mythologies and showing, in a brilliant way, how it all relates to modern times! Bravo!!”

“Embrace the power of the inner man, pass through the portal to the uncharted lands…”

“I just love this show!”

“I can not tell you how great the experience was! Thank You. Here’s to continued success to you ALL!!”

“Omg!!! Love it!!! And I think that is one of my favorite voices from Kan’nal of the past! 🙂 Thank you!”

“Thanks for the show last night, that was amazing. I’m so happy I was at your show.”

“Totally amazing show last night! Thank you, thank you, thank you.”


“That was an awesome show…very much appreciated!! I loved it!!!!”

“Thanks for the journey tonight!”

Incredible experience last night… we’re still reveling in the experience that you created and shared with us last night!! So grateful for people such as yourselves whose art helps us to become better…collectively.”

“If I could go anywhere in the world, it would be to The portal. Wishing you the very best.”

“Portal In The House…SO Loved Jammin’ and the beautiful connection!”

“GREAT show!!!! You definately want to catch this!!!!!!!”

“The Holy Fractals, loving it! Amazing that I just came across you guys right after learning about the sacred geometry, apparently all roads lead to the vortexes.”

“Do more shows! Need to get the energy and evolving consciousness going for as many people as possible.”

“Beautiful experience last night – thank you!”

“This was an unbelievable experience! Thanks for sharing your love and vision with the rest of us. :)”

“Looking forward to seeing the show again tonight! Feels like an incredible gathering of light!”

“Awesome … perfect for my voyage.”

“I hear a lot of influences here, combining to create something very spiritual and unique AKA my kind of music. Great stuff guys. We can only spread enlightenment together.”

“The show was really spectacular. Not only was the band amazing but the movie playing simultaneously in the background was extremely engaging. It was clear to me that the entire production was about the portrayal of the shamanic or hero’s journey of the soul. All in all an amazing production and I’m very glad I went.”

“That was such a strange and interesting experience. Thank you for broadening my horizons. I would love to find myself on a similar vision quest to come to terms with the domestic servitude that I have fallen into.”

“Thank you for a beautiful shamanic performance and experience…!”

“Unbelievable…healed…inspired…moved…thank you guys so much for all you do.”

“Lovely shows in a lovely venue this last weekend! WHEN are you guys going to release a DVD so I can show it to my friends and get them amped up about the next time you’re in town?”

“A really good show tonight! Outstanding performance!”

“All PORTAL performers gave a powerful performance and amazing Ariana Saraha enchanted all present with her mesmerizing voice.”

“What a beautiful piece! I’m so glad I got to see it in person.”

“So super blessed by this weekend…nothing but love and honor to all performers artists and production men and women…love you guys so much.”

“I really enjoyed this night of music, beauty, introspection, and expression.”

“Thank you Portal for an awesome experience tonight. This is my third show and you take me higher each time! Thank you!”

“The Portal ROCKED last night. Beautiful!”

“Enjoyed the show – wild, rock, great sound, passionate song!”

“You Guys Rock! Much Love! ♥”

“Amazing…amazing…amazing show! Kudos! Is there a 2nd Portal coming soon?”

“This show was awesome! Those who missed it should catch it at the next location. I felt so renewed after I went home. Very refreshed today.”

“We saw the last show here in the city and were really impressed with the experience. There is a lot of beauty in this rock opera. I look forward to their next project.”

“Amazing show! Thank you so much! So grateful!”

“Enjoyed the show tonight – a whole new experience to broaden my mind. Peace Love Beauty Freedom!”

“Great show! Really amazing on so many levels. Next time we will plan on staying for the celebration. Again, really awesome show!”

“So happy to see this taking off! Much love.”

“Loved the visuals!! Really enjoyed the show last night. Peace love and blessings in abundance!”

“Totally cool!”

“Quite ethereal. Heavenly or celestial, to be precise! Good shit… You are a music medium!”

“Hey, was wondering if there are any plans to bring The Portal out into the midwest……have been dying to see this after listening to the music….have been sharing the word, hopefully enough people realize what an amazing sight this could be……”

“Gotta say, I found you through the faebook link with free download. I am now a fan, the music is amazing! I am in love with it. Thank you for sharing your stuff for free! Worth way more!”

“I truly admire what you all are doing. The power to literally change people through music is a concept that few can grasp. I am trying to do something similar, but its hard to find like-minded people that have the pure intention of healing the world. If you ever need a bass player…well, let me know! haha Keep it up guys! Much love.”

“Stumbled upon this site for the first time and after ten minutes of browsing through it am determined to turn on, tune in, drop out, and see The Portal. Can’t wait to make that happen. Peace and Love. ♥”

“I geek out to so hard to this stuff – Awesome!”

“WHERE is the share button! Ever need any extra musicians??? ♥!”

“Ever since I was a little girl, I have had an extremely difficult time falling asleep. Something about my base nature is just incredibly reluctant to relinquish control of my consciousness and cross over. This control mechanism also manifested very early as a propensity to take control by lucid dreaming (something I no longer do, because, hey, the sub/unconscious mind needs a space to manifest, too!), but at this point in my maturity, I am still around to at least observe the content of my dreams. Anyway, twice now, I have listened to the soundtrack to The Portal as a means for quieting my mind and relaxing into sleep. Not only did your music make the crossing over experience ABSOLUTELY EFFORTLESS, but once I had dissolved, it also provided a beautiful stimulant for all kinds of items lying dormant in my psyche to manifest into the foreground of my observation and understanding. I tell you this story as a compliment, because I want you to understand just HOW INTENESLY your music has connected with my experience, and powerful and wonderful I find that music to be. Thank you SO MUCH for making it available to all of us online; I cannot WAIT for the show to hit Salt Lake!”

“A few weeks ago, I downloaded The Portal and burned to CD so I could listen in my car. For three weeks now, I have listened to JUST The Portal and nothing else. It is endlessly deep. One day, outer and inner events led to a huge change in my life. During one part of that day, I was listening to The Portal and it was so deep and powerful, it was absolutely like being on a shamanic journey – really moved along the shift that was happening for me. On days that are challenging, this is not just music for me, it is medicine that helps pull me through. I feel strength from the depths coming through me. At home, with headphones and eyes closed, the Portal opens into the All. This music-feeling-opening experience is so good, so important. I’m sending the link to your music to lots of people.”

“I just discovered The Portal, and have already passed it on just after listening to the album. I can only hope that you guys can find your way to the Southeast. Here in Huntsville, AL, we could definitely do with a show like this 🙂 The Von Braun Center would be honored and lucky to host such a production. If so, I would make it my personal mission to make sure the entire arena is filled to the brim.”